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Test of personality
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Welcome to the Personality Test

Your Matchmaker will accompany you throughout your commitment to find your soulmate. We reveal who you are and with whom you are compatible, thanks to the test.
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How it works ?


Answer with sincerity and objectivity to the test. Your answers will be analyzed and will reveal to us your character traits and therefore the traits of other people who suit you best.


You will decide together the best subscription to take in relation to the results. Then you will receive profiles on your WhatsApp of those who correspond to you.


A Matchmaker for you

Your Matchmaker accompanies you. We reveal your result of the test and whom your are compatible. We take the time to know you, to advice you and to help you to find the most compatible soulmate.

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Your Matchmaker will call you so that you can take the time to present yourself orally and get to know yourself better.

1. Personality Test result:
This is of course a first approach. Your Matchmaker reveals who you are on a personal and relational level and tells you who you are most likely to be compatible with.

2. Knowing your expectations and what you are looking for:
- Your religious expectations, physical characteristics, tastes, but also your habits, your lifestyle are all parameters that allow the Matchmaker to better understand you and target the person with whom you would be in perfect harmony.

3. The appointments:
If there is a match between two people, your Matchmaker will schedule a first meeting. Your Matchmaker will come back to you to ask for your opinion on the appointment and to continue to accompany you in your search or planning of another appointment with your partner according to your request.
Please note that if you miss or cancel more than 3 appointments, your matchmaker considers that you are no longer looking for a partner.